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Take advantage of our networking opportunities

What began as an equestrian event has now become one of the largest outdoor business-to-business events in the Netherlands.

Business owners and managers have discovered that Military Boekelo-Enschede is the place to develop and nurture client relationships from home and abroad. 

Informal, outdoor lifestyle ambiance
Avoiding the formality of sitting around a meeting table, receive guests in casual, outdoor lifestyle ambience, accompanied a glass of something delicious as well as relishing a bite to eat. We create an antmosphere where business relations would like to be invited, which is suitable for both partners and the entire family. 

Unknow possibilities
The possibilities are endless during the Military. From congresses to symposia almost anything is possible. We have All inclusive Packages, Cross Country Packages, Autumn-Fair Packages and VIP Walking Cross Country Packages for you! And did you know that the week before, the event will have over ten thousand square meters of conference space? No boring 'office area' but a sophisticated and well equipped atmosphere where serious matters and presentations can be combined with an activity in a pleasant outdoor setting where front of mind awareness can be created. As a result decision-makers from the industry, top executives and national politicians will be present in larg numbers in this unique setting in the week of the Military at Boekelo. 

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